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MAWJI: Online trading becoming more attractive in Africa

By Jay Mawji While the International Monetary Fund acknowledges the damaging recession effects of Covid-19 in Africa the economic outlook

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GARDINER: Digital solutions can curb financial fraud in Africa

By Murray Gardiner The statistics that project uncertainty in Africa are not in short supply. The World Bank has estimated

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How Facebook is supporting elections in Africa

By Akua Gyekye Our work in supporting elections across Africa continues to be a priority and we’ve dedicated unprecedented resources

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How Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) transforms data centres

BY HUAWEI Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) vastly changes how data centres are managed. Huawei’s renowned solutions help maximise the

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How Artificial Intelligence helps Huawei build Green Data Centres

By Huawei Data centres are being overhauled, revamped and modernised to support digital transformation and the power-hungry cloud deployments they

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TUGEE: How to grow technopreneurial culture in the digital age

By Tonny Tugee With a shift away from physical commerce, consumers are increasingly taking their daily activities online. This shift

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Using mobile money to foster financial inclusion

By Huawei As mobile devices increase in popularity, individuals are embracing digital transformation more rapidly than most enterprises. People are

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How to build smarter bank branches

By Huawei Industry Experts The Coronavirus has accelerated the need for mobile and self-service banking, with traditional branches seeing a