Op-ed Technology

The state of competition in Africa’s digital economy

By Lerisha Naidu and Angelo Tzarevski Digitisation has ushered in an era of hyper-connectivity, marked by disruptive digital platforms that

Op-ed Technology

Omo: Why African innovators are struggling

By John Omo Although Africa has proven its potential as a fast rising home to brilliant innovations, many innovators in

Future of Work Op-ed Technology

BOURNE: How to create the perfect remote work environment

By Andrew Bourne Traditional work culture expectations are undergoing a paradigm shift, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a

Cyber Security Op-ed

COLLARD: The value of security culture in Zero Trust cyber models

By Anna Collard During a preview of this year’s RSA conference, a team from Orange Cyberdefense demonstrated a range of

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ODHIAMBO: Choosing the best smart washing machine

By Sam Odhiambo In Kenya we have always been reliant on the cleaning ladies that we like to call “mama

Op-ed Technology

BOURNE: Tech companies can help reverse talent erosion in rural Africa

By Andrew Bourne For decades, companies, especially tech providers in Africa have followed a certain operational pattern. They start out

Future of Work Op-ed Technology

SOMER: Driving the future of digital sales

By Lauren Somer Business has changed. The way people do business, how they engage with business, and the connections they

Op-ed Technology

SOUND: Greater collaboration and tech needed for effective vaccine rollout in Kenya

By Hardeep Sound As we mark one year since the global COVID-19 pandemic hit Africa, all eyes are on countries’