Op-ed Technology

BOURNE: Tech companies can help reverse talent erosion in rural Africa

By Andrew Bourne For decades, companies, especially tech providers in Africa have followed a certain operational pattern. They start out

Future of Work Op-ed Technology

SOMER: Driving the future of digital sales

By Lauren Somer Business has changed. The way people do business, how they engage with business, and the connections they

Op-ed Technology

SOUND: Greater collaboration and tech needed for effective vaccine rollout in Kenya

By Hardeep Sound As we mark one year since the global COVID-19 pandemic hit Africa, all eyes are on countries’

Blockchain Editor's Pick Op-ed Technology

MUSYOKI: How blockchain can benefit Africa

Bitcoin in Africa has shown an extremely staggering growth after the numerous serious financial crises this underdeveloped continent has faced.

5G and IoT Cyber Security Op-ed Technology

BOURNE: Why sensory surveillance and cyber security of smart devices matters

By Andrew Bourne Today, most people and households boast a multitude of smart devices, which bring a large measure of

Op-ed Quantum Computing Technology

ABBAS: Why Africa should not be left out of quantum computing race

By Amira Abbas One may argue that the future of quantum computing is rather uncertain. Its success rests heavily on

Future of Work Op-ed Technology

JURY: How fintech is driving Africa’s financial freedom

 By Andy Jury With the World Economic Forum warning of a deepening digital divide that will ultimately exacerbate global inequality,

AI and Robotics Future of Work Op-ed Technology

TUGEE: How African businesses can benefit from AI

By Tonny Tugee Artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like the stuff of science fiction, but it is already being widely