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Covid-19 apps show Africa can overcome healthcare hurdles

 Most developing countries, most of which are found in Africa, are faced with numerous challenges in provision of quality health to its people.  The capacity

5G and IoT Technology

Samsung’s plan to create home IoT for Kenyans

Kenyans could soon start enjoying an Internet of Things (IoT) experience if advances being made by Samsung Electronics East Africa continue at the current pace. The

Editor's Pick Future of Work Technology

Madagascar’s solar-powered laptops to keep children in school

United Kingdom battery developer Aceleron has partnered with Malagasy solar start-up Jirogasy to provide solar-powered laptops to school children in Madagascar. Jirogasy’s Jirodesk 2 solar-powered

Blockchain Cryptos Technology

Dogecoin is the new GameStop: Are investors going to get burned?

Dogecoin has become the new GameStop, with frenzied trading potentially going to deliver a bloody nose to novice investors, warns the CEO of one of


Google’s new portal to offer science content for schools

Google has rolled out a new feature that enriches online education content. The tech giant said learners can now use laptops, desktops or mobile phone-based

5G and IoT Editor's Pick Technology

5G: Global adoption rate, speed and patent race

While mobile internet connections on 4G networks are quick enough for most average users, enabling them to stream HD video or download music, apps and


How pandemic is driving faster smartphone adoption in Africa

An increasing number of Africans are entering the digital revolution through smartphones driven by the effects of the pandemic, a research by global provider of

Editor's Pick Future of Work Technology

South Africa to become first African country to teach 4IR curriculum

South Africa is set to become the first African nation to introduce the teaching of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies in its education curriculum. Maite

Cyber Security Technology

For hackers, coronavirus is big chance to harvest data

As the coronavirus pandemic hits the world hard, cyber attackers are capitalising on the upsurge of online searches for information regarding the disease to mine


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