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BOURNE: How to create the perfect remote work environment

By Andrew Bourne Traditional work culture expectations are undergoing a paradigm shift, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a

Future of Work Technology

Namibian banks urged to embrace fintech

The Bank of Namibia (BoN) has called on the banking sector to consider financial technology to improve ease of access

Future of Work Op-ed Technology

SOMER: Driving the future of digital sales

By Lauren Somer Business has changed. The way people do business, how they engage with business, and the connections they

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Over Usd10,000 awarded to African students in machine learning challenge

UmojaHack Africa 2021 was an unprecedented success, bringing more than 1000 students from 126 universities across Africa to compete on

Future of Work Technology

African students to enjoy Google’s new chalkboard service in STEM boost

Students across Africa can now smile following Google’s upgrade of its Search engine to include digital chalkboard to practice problems

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Madagascar’s solar-powered laptops to keep children in school

United Kingdom battery developer Aceleron has partnered with Malagasy solar start-up Jirogasy to provide solar-powered laptops to school children in

Future of Work Technology

Google Maps roots for sustainable businesses in a green ecosystem

Google has announced a number of updates on its Google Maps service which could potentially help Africans live healthier, make

5G and IoT Future of Work Technology

How IoT services are changing lives across Africa

The Internet of Things (IoT)-related technologies are currently booming at an unprecedented pace in Africa. There are hundreds of thousands