Cyber Security Technology

How African online traders can protect themselves against scams

The rise of the digital age has resulted in an information overload and often a lot of this information is

Cyber Security Technology

One continent, different cybersecurity priorities

As is often said, Africa is not a country – and few things bring this fact home more than KnowBe4’s

Cyber Security Technology

Strathmore launches centre to curb cyber attacks

Cyber security threats have gone up sharply since Covid-19 struck, leaving companies scratching their heads on how to tame the

Cyber Security Technology

How firms can ward off rising cyber threats

The shift from the traditional working environment to the digital space has accelerated following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. While

5G and IoT Cyber Security Technology

Inside US, China bitter tech fallout

The Cold War brought out the most bitter of political rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, the

5G and IoT Cyber Security Technology VR & AR

How Africa is caught in US-China tech war crossfire

The US and China are currently locked in a technology war that is shaking the world. Africa has not been

Cyber Security Technology

Pandemic exposes Africa to cyber threats

An upsurge in cyber attack incidents over the pandemic period has been evident in Africa, with various reports indicating that these attacks

Cyber Security Technology

Africa under constant threat of cyber attacks

Despite research showing an overall decrease in certain malware families and types in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in H1 2020 (36%