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Saccos navigate private data minefield in digital switch

The arrival of Covid-19 has disrupted the way we do things in virtually every sector of the economy. Business and

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COLLARD: The value of security culture in Zero Trust cyber models

By Anna Collard During a preview of this year’s RSA conference, a team from Orange Cyberdefense demonstrated a range of

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A deep look inside the world of an ethical hacker

Shabaya Deche is a hacker but not a cyber-criminal.  In fact his kind of hacking is considered ethical for he

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South Africa ranks low on cyber security skills

New research shows that South Africans have slightly better skills when it comes to knowing how to react to online

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BOURNE: Why sensory surveillance and cyber security of smart devices matters

By Andrew Bourne Today, most people and households boast a multitude of smart devices, which bring a large measure of

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Top global companies use passwords that can be hacked in a second – Report

It is now emerging that even Fortune 500 companies do not train their employees to use secure passwords, as revealed

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New push to protect children from harmful online content

As the adoption of internet and smart devices continue to surge, children are becoming more vulnerable to criminals who are

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Serianu, global agency enter pact to arm firms in war on cybercrime

Africa’s leading cybersecurity consulting firm, Serianu, has announced a new partnership with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) to provide local