5G and IoT Future of Work Technology

Zoho Workplace reimagines the future of work

Zoho Corporation has announced major updates to Zoho Workplace — a single software platform that brings together collaboration, productivity, and communications tools and integrates them


How Saadiya Aminu is leading the real estate disruption in Nigeria

Urban Shelter Limited (USL) is redefining the real estate sector with a culture dedicated to service, finding opportunities and creating value. USL, a property development

Gadget Review Technology

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the ultimate smartphone experience

Man’s fond relationship with devices in the digital era can meticulously be described as inseparable, as life gradually drifts to digital platforms. The feel-good aspect

Big Data Op-ed Technology

What the Schrems II judgement means to global data privacy

The judgment of a case delivered on 16 July 2020 by the Court of Justice of the European Court (CJEU) also informally known as the

Blockchain Cryptos Technology

Despite price drop, Bitcoin bulls’ case stronger than ever

The Bitcoin ‘break out’ case is stronger than ever – despite the cryptocurrency’s price dropping 12% over the last seven days, affirms Nigel Green, chief


Rebuilding the African fashion industry using tech

The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic on global value chains and its impact on African businesses is already evident. As factories close their doors and

Cyber Security Technology

Anna Collard: Cybersecurity must be kept top of mind

In May 2020, the personal records of more than 24 million South Africans and nearly 794,000 companies were handed over to someone impersonating a client.

Gadget Review Technology

How Huawei’s solar tech is fostering adoption of clean energy

Huawei’s Smart PV (photovoltaic) solution will be harnessing digital technology to convert solar energy into electricity ultra-efficiently, promote the adoption of clean energy, and create

Gadget Review Technology

Tecno Camon 16 Premier comes with features for the modern world

The first Augmented Reality online launch integrating technology and photography hosted by TECNO came to a successful conclusion on September 3. Following the theme of

Big Data Technology

How tech is reshaping the health industry in South Africa

The Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the world, dominating our mindscape, international discourse, national budgets and overwhelming global health systems. The virus has challenged every

Quantum Computing Technology

Quantum computing prowess could be with us faster than you think

Fully functional quantum computers and a new quantum industry may appear much sooner than many have anticipated—thanks to five new National Quantum Information Science Research


NAS Airport Services launches e-commerce platform

Nairobi based food and laundry firm NAS Airport Services Limited has launched its own online commerce store which enables the company to provide services directly


Inventus Power unveils new standard Li-ion battery platform

Inventus Power, a global leader in advanced battery systems, has expanded its offering to include high-performance batteries for emerging motive and stationary applications. The PROformance

4IR Startups Technology

Ericsson Innovation Awards 2020 turn to tackling climate change

Ericsson has officially launched its annual Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) 2020, a global competition that offers university students around the world the chance to develop

5G and IoT Technology

Nokia announces new end-to-end 5G certification program

Nokia has announced the launch of the first of a series of professional level certifications to train and certify industry professionals on end-to-end 5G networks,


Naidoo appointed to help Liquid Telecom navigate its digital transformation journey

Cloud solutions firm Liquid Telecom has appointed Clayton Naidoo as Group Chief Business Officer (GCBO) to drive growth, innovation and strategy in the enterprise market

3D Printing Technology

3D printing turning science fiction into reality in Africa

Techies in the construction, manufacturing and medical fields are almost unanimous in their agreement that 3D printing is one of the innovations that are found


Why a smartphone is still not affordable in Africa

Today, almost half of the world’s population has remained offline, even in the pandemic period when the need to access health information and basic education

Big Data Future of Work Technology

Understanding Africa’s sense of urgency in digital race

Africa is now banking on smart solutions to resume cross-border trade and kick-start economies badly ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. With health experts warning that

5G and IoT Future of Work Technology

How 5G will transform the global air travel industry

SITA, the leading IT provider for the air transport industry, has made six predictions about how ultra-fast 5G networks will bring major change for airports,

Big Data Technology

Use Big Data to achieve food security, Africa urged

African countries have been urged to create a collaborative ecosystem of sharing all agricultural data to unlock their hidden potential, an effort that could boost

Future of Work Technology VR & AR

How AI, VR, 5G and cloud computing will create the Internet of Bodies (IoB)

The term ‘Intelligent Connectivity’ is gaining popularity across the early adopters of Industry 4.0 technologies, as the future of human living gets reconstructed each day.

5G and IoT Technology

5G could help Latin America generate USD 3.3 trillion by 2035 – Report

Omdia and Nokia’s Why 5G in Latin America report finds that 5G network capabilities will come to Latin America, sooner rather than later. The region lags its

Big Data Technology

Covid-19 has drained Kenyans’ financial resources – BRCK Report

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Kenyan accessible internet provider BRCK has partnered with a number of organizations to publish coronavirus information through its public

Big Data Technology

Kenya’s latest data centre takes shape in Nairobi

PAIX Data Centres, a Pan-African provider of cloud-and carrier-neutral colocation data centre services, has announced the construction of its Nairobi data centre for opening in November this year. The

Blockchain Technology

US election and a weak dollar will be ‘high-octane drivers’ for Bitcoin – Expert

The upcoming United States presidential election and the weakness of the dollar will be high-octane drivers for the Bitcoin price for the rest of 2020,

4IR Startups Big Data Technology

Covid-19 apps show Africa can overcome healthcare hurdles

 Most developing countries, most of which are found in Africa, are faced with numerous challenges in provision of quality health to its people.  The capacity

Future of Work Technology

Gene editing: All questions answered

This year, scientists in the United States used a gene editing tool inside a human body to try to correct a gene carrying an inherited form of blindness, for the

Cyber Security Technology

How Facebook is curbing Covid-19 misinformation

As global Covid-19 death and infection numbers keep soaring, global social media company Facebook has devised a raft of measures to protect its more than

Big Data Technology

New app to monitor animal health data in Africa

German animal health firm Boehringer Ingelheim has launched a new mobile app that seeks to better monitor day-to-day livestock  health management activities more effectively using Big Data.