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How tech can make blue economy sustainable, impactful

Marine resources will play crucial role in growth of African and global economies if innovative solutions are designed to tap their potential. This was a

Computer Technology

Ways manufacturers can unlock value of data to drive business intelligence

 By Kevin Dherman, CIO at SYSPRO Data forms the backbone of any manufacturing enterprise. With continuous supply chain disruptions, the allure of data and Business

Health Medical Technology

How Mombasa facility is pioneering hi-tech nursing training

By Steve Mokaya In one of the rooms on the second floor of the iconic Ambalal House in Mombasa, a group of  20 young ladies

Computer Technology

How firms can get stakeholders on board digital transformation

Your company is in the process of carrying out a system overhaul to align itself to the digital revolution. As it transits from legacy systems

Food Mobile Technology

Digital tool bridges supply-demand divide in agribusiness

For decades, smallholder farmers in Kenya have faced numerous challenges such as lack of markets, working capital, expensive farm inputs as well as financial tools

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Business Technology

Tapping tech to tame supply chain disruptions in manufacturing

Manufacturers in Kenya are tapping into technology to address supply chain constraints that were caused by the Covid-19’s global lockdown. In 2020, governments around the

A man is working on a laptop
Food Mobile Technology

How tech is attracting youth to farming, agribusiness

For many years, farming has been considered by the youths as a domain for old people.  Upon completion of their studies, young people have been

A man is working with a computer
Airplane Computer Technology Travel

How airports are banking on smart solutions post-Covid

For the last two-years or so, Kenyan airline industry has been battling tough economic conditions caused by the Covid-19’s lockdown measures. In March 2020, the


For hackers, coronavirus is big chance to harvest data

As the coronavirus pandemic hits the world hard, cyber attackers are capitalising on the upsurge of online searches for information regarding the disease to mine


How tech can be the saviour in corona lockdown

Deaths arising from coronavirus infections are soaring every day as the pandemic spreads to every corner of the planet. Economies are at a standstill, with