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Kenyan company seeks to help Africa leapfrog tax collection shortfalls

A Kenyan software company is deploying digital technologies to help eliminate fiscal enforcement drawbacks such as non-compliance and tax fraud in Africa. Starting with Monrovia,

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Deploying AI and Big Data to decongest Kenya’s capital city

It’s 9pm, one hour to curfew time. John Kiyaka scrolls through his smartphone to gauge how the day’s matatu business performed. The fleet supervisor of

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Why Africa’s agribusinesses can’t wait any longer to go digital

Every sector of African economy has suffered grave consequences thanks to the raging pandemic. One of such sectors is agribusiness. All forms of businesses are

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20 African countries form geographic data hub for youth

Twenty African countries have partnered to form a geographic data hub for tech-savvy youth.  The initiative is aimed at providing a platform for innovative youth

Big Data Technology

Data firm unveils global channel partner program

Data platform for real-time decisions, VoltDB has announced a new global channel partner program for OEMs, value-added resellers (VARs), technology partners, and systems integrators (SIs).

Big Data Technology

Africa’s hurdles as it navigates data privacy rights

Africa’s growing digital economy is churning out tonnes of data daily. This has spawned challenges in managing the data while securing privacy rights. The huge

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Tech key ingredient in Africa manufacturers’ recipe for success

Future African businesses will need to scale up their operations along digital solutions if they are to survive the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) disruption,

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How Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) transforms data centres

BY HUAWEI Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) vastly changes how data centres are managed. Huawei’s renowned solutions help maximise the total value of ownership in

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How Artificial Intelligence helps Huawei build Green Data Centres

By Huawei Data centres are being overhauled, revamped and modernised to support digital transformation and the power-hungry cloud deployments they contain. Artificial intelligence is a

Big Data Technology

Only technology can save the oil industry now – Analysts

During a recent webinar organized by Microsoft and Africa Oil and Power under the theme ‘Leveraging the Power of Technology for Oilfield Optimization’, panelists have

Big Data Technology

Vertiv unveils solution for managing small to medium data centres

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has unveiled Vertiv™ Environet™ Alert, a new software offering that brings enterprise-level infrastructure monitoring

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Interview with Zoho’s Andrew Bourne

Andrew Bourne is the Regional Manager, Africa, Zoho Corp, an Indian software development company that is rolling out its latest solution, Bigin, in Africa, starting

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What the Schrems II judgement means to global data privacy

The judgment of a case delivered on 16 July 2020 by the Court of Justice of the European Court (CJEU) also informally known as the

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How tech is reshaping the health industry in South Africa

The Covid-19 pandemic has swept across the world, dominating our mindscape, international discourse, national budgets and overwhelming global health systems. The virus has challenged every

Big Data Future of Work Technology

Understanding Africa’s sense of urgency in digital race

Africa is now banking on smart solutions to resume cross-border trade and kick-start economies badly ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. With health experts warning that

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Use Big Data to achieve food security, Africa urged

African countries have been urged to create a collaborative ecosystem of sharing all agricultural data to unlock their hidden potential, an effort that could boost

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Covid-19 has drained Kenyans’ financial resources – BRCK Report

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Kenyan accessible internet provider BRCK has partnered with a number of organizations to publish coronavirus information through its public

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Kenya’s latest data centre takes shape in Nairobi

PAIX Data Centres, a Pan-African provider of cloud-and carrier-neutral colocation data centre services, has announced the construction of its Nairobi data centre for opening in November this year. The

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Covid-19 apps show Africa can overcome healthcare hurdles

 Most developing countries, most of which are found in Africa, are faced with numerous challenges in provision of quality health to its people.  The capacity

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New app to monitor animal health data in Africa

German animal health firm Boehringer Ingelheim has launched a new mobile app that seeks to better monitor day-to-day livestock  health management activities more effectively using Big Data.

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Data for Good project: 17 questions for Facebook

Researchers and health organisations around the world are stressing the importance of accessing aggregated and anonymised mobility data tools to help them better track and

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Ocean Protocol collaborates with Daimler for blockchain data aggregation

Ocean Protocol, a Singaporean decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for monetization, has successfully delivered a pilot project for German car maker Daimler. The

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Africa’s telcos in Big Data, AI collaboration to solve continent’s health hurdles

Africa’s biggest mobile operators have pulled together for the first time, to launch a two-way health and economic Big Data analytics platform that seeks to link

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How tech can be the saviour in corona lockdown

Deaths arising from coronavirus infections are soaring every day as the pandemic spreads to every corner of the planet. Economies are at a standstill, with

Big Data Future of Work Technology

Data gradually turning into oil fueling success of businesses

Data is becoming an integral driver of the economy and our overall daily lives. In tech circles, it is regarded as the ‘modern oil’ that

Big Data Technology

Ogilvy Africa unveils continent’s first real-time brand analytics platform

Ogilvy Africa has announced the rollout of the region’s first real-time marketing product that offers social intelligence and data analytics, community management and content innovations

Big Data Future of Work Technology

Africa launches single online medical supplies platform

AMSP will be adopted as a single online marketplace for all 53 nations to enable the supply of coronavirus related critical medical equipment. The innovation