Big Data Technology

Telehealth brings massive gains but privacy concerns linger

Technology has revolutionised healthcare provision in fundamental ways, bringing about substantial gains across the globe. At the click of a

AI and Robotics Big Data Technology

Tapping AI, Big Data to fuel Africa growth

Have you ever been stuck in a congested African city, such as Lagos or Nairobi, and wondered how much easier

5G and IoT Big Data Cloud Computing Technology

Digital tools that make your enterprise competitive, resilient

Technology positively or negatively disrupts. New innovations have been constantly springing up, upending the old order. New companies sprout from

Big Data Technology

Tech firm Autochek gets Sh1.5bn for Africa expansion

 Automotive technology firm, Autochek has received Sh1.46 billion ($13.1million) seed funding to boost its technology and accelerate expansion. The firm

Big Data Technology

Millennials spearhead global switch to digital banking

More than 50 percent of millennials globally have moved from traditional physical banking to digital accounts. The switch, a survey

Big Data Cyber Security Technology

Saccos navigate private data minefield in digital switch

The arrival of Covid-19 has disrupted the way we do things in virtually every sector of the economy. Business and

Big Data Technology

Pathways International partners with data guru to unlock East Africa’s data market

Pathways International has partnered with Lisbon-based Big Data guru Jose Almeida to deliver an end-to-end approach to the digital transformation

Big Data Technology

AstraZeneca used inaccurate data in trials – US officials

The credibility of data in a world of Big Data Analytics is now becoming a hot topic, even as Covid-19