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Future of Work Technology

Internet promises to connect Africa to economic prosperity

It is now common knowledge that internet holds immense potential for Africa, with economic and financial experts in agreement that technology is the springboard the

Big Data Future of Work Technology

Why Africa’s agribusinesses can’t wait any longer to go digital

Every sector of African economy has suffered grave consequences thanks to the raging pandemic. One of such sectors is agribusiness. All forms of businesses are

Cyber Security Technology

How firms can ward off rising cyber threats

The shift from the traditional working environment to the digital space has accelerated following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic. While working remotely will certainly be

Big Data Technology

Africa’s hurdles as it navigates data privacy rights

Africa’s growing digital economy is churning out tonnes of data daily. This has spawned challenges in managing the data while securing privacy rights. The huge

5G and IoT Cyber Security Technology

Inside US, China bitter tech fallout

The Cold War brought out the most bitter of political rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, the then two global superpowers. The

5G and IoT Cyber Security Technology VR & AR

How Africa is caught in US-China tech war crossfire

The US and China are currently locked in a technology war that is shaking the world. Africa has not been spared the effects of the

Cyber Security Technology

Pandemic exposes Africa to cyber threats

An upsurge in cyber attack incidents over the pandemic period has been evident in Africa, with various reports indicating that these attacks are increasingly becoming more dynamic


How Saadiya Aminu is leading the real estate disruption in Nigeria

Urban Shelter Limited (USL) is redefining the real estate sector with a culture dedicated to service, finding opportunities and creating value. USL, a property development

3D Printing Technology

3D printing turning science fiction into reality in Africa

Techies in the construction, manufacturing and medical fields are almost unanimous in their agreement that 3D printing is one of the innovations that are found

Big Data Future of Work Technology

Understanding Africa’s sense of urgency in digital race

Africa is now banking on smart solutions to resume cross-border trade and kick-start economies badly ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. With health experts warning that

5G and IoT Future of Work Technology

How 5G will transform the global air travel industry

SITA, the leading IT provider for the air transport industry, has made six predictions about how ultra-fast 5G networks will bring major change for airports,

Blockchain Technology

Why digital currencies in Africa are mixed bag of fortunes

Africa is evidently still ambivalent on the use of digital currencies and Blockchain technology. While some countries appear open to allowing these innovations to take

Big Data Technology

Data for Good project: 17 questions for Facebook

Researchers and health organisations around the world are stressing the importance of accessing aggregated and anonymised mobility data tools to help them better track and

4IR Startups Future of Work Technology

Tapping tech to attain affordable universal healthcare

That a doctor is just a click away is no longer a dream but a reality. Daktari Africa, an online medical provider, has made it

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain promises to solve Kenya’s pressing challenges

Kenya has rightfully earned its stature as one of the top technology hubs not only in Africa but across the globe. Innovations such as M-Pesa,


How mobile economy is helping Africa wage war on poverty

Sub-Sahara Africa is invariably on the wrong end of the spectrum on a number of major economic and social indicators. However, in terms of mobile

AI and Robotics Big Data Technology

Africa’s telcos in Big Data, AI collaboration to solve continent’s health hurdles

Africa’s biggest mobile operators have pulled together for the first time, to launch a two-way health and economic Big Data analytics platform that seeks to link