Africa is going through a revolution just as is happening around the globe.Breathtaking technological innovations are sweeping through virtually every sector of the economy, upending the old order and installing novel ways of doing business.

Though some of the major innovations are coming in from  the West and East, Africa too has demonstrated its technological prowess, coming up with innovations that are radically changing not only the face of the continent, but also across the world.

In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the continent is progressively holding its own authority, in terms of originating various forms of cutting-edge technology, and apparently, these inventions have yet to register on the global innovation radar because there is little or no information out there about these transformative enterprises.

In a nutshell, there has not been a reliable platform to take the message to the right audience. This is the gap that seeks to proactively and robustly plug.

This is the loophole that our company is seeking to seal. We will travel with you across every corner of Africa, however remote it may be, to bring you innovations that are changing lives in unprecedented ways, boosting livelihoods as well as enriching and transforming lives.

In the past 6 months, we have been keeping readers abreast of revolutionary innovations happening from any part of the world, and which are bound to immensely impact on economies and business operations on the African continent. In this journey, is looking for partners like you. People and companies – large and small- with innovations that are already having a transformative impact on the continent. Our role is to get the message of your innovation out there through in-depth and compelling stories on website and reputable media channels on the continent.

Do you have an innovation that you think positively impacts on the lives of Africans? is your platform/ home; talk to us we get the message out there. We have a cadre of talented tech journalists who boast of the requisite set of skills and vast experience to clearly and succinctly write about your tech products and services.

There is no better way to communicate the promise of your digital products than compelling stories that capture the imagination of readers, and more importantly, your target audience or clients.

Tech journalism the field of tech journalism and communication is at its nascent stage in Africa, and is already setting the pace, being the pioneer in world-class reportage in emerging technologies. We have an in depth knowledge of technologies like Blockchain, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Virtual/Augmented/Extended Reality, 3D Printing, Quantum Computing, Cyber Security and Singularity.

Our reportage focuses on how these technologies impact modern innovations such as telemedicine, fintech, insurtech, agritech, e-shipping, e-logistics, e-transport, e-learning and sports science.

We are already on the driving seat on this score, helping to steer the course of Africa’s history in the realm of technology, and handling the tech reporting stories for companies such as Nokia, Huawei, Liquid Telecom, Safaricom, Mastercard, Google and Seacom. With appropriate and intense reportage and messaging, innovators and companies will reach their target audience wherever they are in the universe.

This way, the continent’s innovators and inventors are finding a platform to express their ideas on the global marketplace.

Ultimately, seeks to be a powerful tech mouthpiece, giving a voice to your products and services in a way that has never seen before.