5G and IoT Technology

Huawei deploys its 5G in Africa’s animal conservation drive

Huawei Technologies has ramped up its support for animal conservation programs in Africa by adopting 5G technology to facilitate the

5G and IoT Technology

How Huawei seeks to deploy 5G to protect Africa wildlife

Huawei Technologies has launched a conservation programme in Africa that seeks to protect endangered animal species using 5G technologies. The

5G and IoT Big Data Cloud Computing Technology

Digital tools that make your enterprise competitive, resilient

Technology positively or negatively disrupts. New innovations have been constantly springing up, upending the old order. New companies sprout from

5G and IoT Technology

Huawei sets aside $150m to nurture youth tech talent

Huawei is set to invest Sh16 billion ($150 million) in digital talent development among the youth in the next five