3D Printing Technology

3D-printing to revolutionise construction in Kenya, Africa

Days of contractors misapropriating construction budgets, purchasing low quality building materials and taking too long to build a house are

3D Printing Technology

Brazilian 3D tech firm shows its latest innovation at Dubai Expo

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality 3D showcased its latest offerings at the Brazil Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai on 4 November

3D Printing Technology

How real estate tech has cured diaspora Kenyans’ pain

Diaspora Kenyans always want to make investments in real estate back at home. However, they are unable to make quick

3D Printing Technology

5 predictions for Africa’s 3D printing industry in 2021

Africa started to deploy 3D printing over a decade ago and today there is even bigger potential for additive manufacturing

3D Printing Technology

Just what can 3D printing do for housing?

Have you ever stopped to think about the future of construction? Well, 3D printing technology is set to revolutionise the

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3D printing turning science fiction into reality in Africa

Techies in the construction, manufacturing and medical fields are almost unanimous in their agreement that 3D printing is one of