Skaleet & Thunes partner to expand customer base

Skaleet, an international fintech company providing a next-gen Core Banking Platform (CBP), has announced a partnership with Thunes, the  global cross border payments provider to complement its existing ecosystem.

Skaleet wanted to find a partner that could offer an instant, global payment service to both B2B and B2C customers. With Thunes, Skaleet is now able to offer a wide range of fast, competitive payment services that connect directly to its customers’ accounts.

Thunes is a  simple and instant payment platform that allows businesses to make payments in all corners of the world. It enables payments to over 125 countries, and helps businesses and individuals accept over 285 payment methods. 

The Thunes platform is capable of supporting a variety of payment use cases.  With Thunes, it is possible to interconnect players around the world with a single API (payment gateway) to provide processing for peer-to-peer money transfers, bulk payments, commercial payments and virtual accounts.

In addition, the partnership between Skaleet and Thunes means that customers with bank accounts on the Skaleet platform can transfer money internationally with payment tracking to the beneficiary. E-money institutions also are able  to verify beneficiary information in advance.

Through this collaboration, Skaleet expands its range of expertise and offers its customers a competitive advantage. In particular, cross-border payments will be one of the differentiating services that the fintech company will now be able to deploy.

Both companies share a common set of values focused on expertise, technological innovation and  customer service. 

Dawei Wang, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Thunes said, “We have met on multiple occasions in the past and have been following Skaleet closely. We both want to do more for banks and financial institutions around the world by offering them new solutions and technologies.”

Hervé Manceron, CEO and co-founder of Skaleet added: ” Through this collaboration, we are adding another string to our bow by now offering a fast, secure, low-cost and connected international money transfer solution.”

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