Firm deploys blockchain and renewable energy to enhance internet connectivity in Tanzania


 World Mobile Group, a global mobile network combining renewable energy with blockchain technology, has completee the reservation of its 1,000 EarthNodes in its network, fully backed by its community members in a major display of trust in the project. 

EarthNodes are the backbone of the World Mobile network, processing all transactions on the blockchain.

Following a successful year of strategic partnerships, the company has announced it has completed the reservation of its 1,000 EarthNodes blockchain network to connect the Tanzanian islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, and then all of Africa, backing the project with an allocation of ~$61.5M worth of WMT tokens. 

Each one of the EarthNodes contributes to the combined computational and tech processing power required, collectively enabling the successful facilitation of all transactions on the blockchain.

The reservation of all 1,000 WM EarthNodes represents and enables World Mobile to fuel both internet access and connectivity through its network to even the most remote and unconnected locations.

This in turn affects not only the region’s connectivity, but their access to education and economic development, as well as their participation on the world stage – furthering its partnerships with Cardano, Epson and the Zanzibarian government.

The growing sharing economy, a system in which assets are shared between private individuals, is expected to reach a valuation of  $335 billion by 2025, according to Forbes.

The sharing economy enables transactions to be made without a middle man, usually resulting in reduced costs. Successful companies, such as Airbnb and Zipcar, use the sharing economy model, reducing costs of boarding and transport, and monetizing rooms and cars that were otherwise unused by their owner. 

World Mobile takes the sharing economy a step further, leveraging its blockchain-powered P2P network to connect huge swathes of the world that aren’t connected to the internet, starting with Africa. Anyone can own a part of the World Mobile network and reap the benefits.

The shared economy model reduces current operational and maintenance costs that traditional telecoms face, and distributes the responsibility for bridging the digital divide more widely, powered by World Mobile Token and World Mobile EarthNodes. 

“The final node being reserved showcases World Mobile’s success in building a committed and dedicated community around its mission,” says Micky Watkins, CEO of World Mobile Group.

“We are humbled by the support from all of our WMT community members, who share our vision. With their backing and continued support, we will accelerate our mission to connect the unconnected everywhere.”

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