Tanzanian university to teach robotics science

Tanzania’s state-run University of Dodoma and the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology have partnered to introduce robotics science, as use of artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies continue to penetrate most corners of the world.

The project will start by setting up a science laboratory at the university. 

“Tanzania should embrace all sorts of technologies to enable the country to move into a digital world,” said Mohamed Khamis Abdullah, ICT ministry deputy permanent secretary.

The government official said adoption of robotic technology will help transform various sectors of the economy. He allayed concerns that robots will worsen the state of employment by taking over jobs currently performed by humans.

He said the plan will be a game-changer, transforming economic sectors such as agriculture and health, leading to creation of more jobs.

Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology vice chancellor, Emmanuel Luoga, said the new programme will play a major role in accelerated the rate of economic development.

The programme will undergo three phases of research, training and innovation, said Ally Nyamawe, head of the robotics science program at the University of Dodoma.

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