Opibus unveils Kenya’s first all-electric buses

 Electric vehicle manufacturer Opibus has introduced Kenya’s first all-electric bus that has been made and designed locally.

 The first commercial bus, which will be launched in the middle of this year, will later be mass-produced for the African market by the end of 2023.

 The solution targets public transport providers, schools as well as private and Government institutions, providing them with an environmentally sustainable solution that is cheaper to maintain than fuel-run buses.

 “Following this, the platform will be tested at scale in commercial deployment of 10 buses during the second half of 2022,

 “In doing so, we ensure that we gather valuable feedback to continue the development of the product for an optimized market fit. It feels great to be the first movers in this very exciting space,” Opibus Public Transport Project coordinatorDennis Wakaba said.

 Deployment of buses will initially be done within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area, which will later be scaled up to include other parts.

Along with the bus deployment, several charging points will be installed from Opibus’ already existing range of products.

 “These chargers will be a mix of AC (slow) and DC (fast) chargers, using the fast charger, the electric bus will be fully charged within an hour enabling seamless operations.”

 Opibus has been converting fuel-powered engine vehicles into electric cars, as well as producing electric motorcycles, energy systems and batteries.

 The firm has also been focused on converting the game-drive vehicles at its premises in Nairobi’s Industrial Area.

 The use of electric powered vehicles is being promoted to lower energy costs. 

The manufacturers are riding on technological advancements, especially in battery technology where they are now producing units that carry charge for longer distances.

 Kenya’s grid is already powered by a generation mix that is 93 percent renewable.

 Experts, however, have said that the transition to electric vehicles is still a challenge due to lack of infrastructure, especially the charging points.

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