Oracle’s new data centre to speed up Africa computing

Oracle has opened a data hub in South Africa to provide cloud services in Africa for the first time.

The entry of Oracle is bound to increase competition for companies such as Microsoft and Amazon who have already set shop on the continent.

Oracle has set its sights on opening at least 44 cloud regions this year.

Africa will be the US company’s 37th “cloud region”, allowing customers to get faster access from a local data centre.

Cherian Varghese, regional managing director for Middle East and Africa, said although Oracle has no plans to set up more data hubs in the year, it is exploring regions such as West Africa with the intention of setting more centres next year.

Microsoft was the first to establish data centres in South Africa, followed by Amazon and Huawei.

The rising interest in Africa by global providers of cloud services is driven by increasing demand for faster computing from region’s banks and telecom companies.

 The continent is also seen as a region with a vast potential as computing is still relatively slow.  South Africa is particularly a key attraction to cloud providers with more than 50 data centres located mostly near Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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