Huawei Technologies has launched a conservation programme in Africa that seeks to protect endangered animal species using 5G technologies.

The plan will see the Chinese tech giant use highly advanced cameras and 5G network to capture and transmit top quality, real-time images of animals in their natural habitat.

The plan looks to not only open up novel ways of preserving endangered animal species, but also provides tourists with alternative modes of experiencing new destinations.

 Huawei is using its 5G technology platform for live stream broadcasting for service providers to illustrate its capability for monitoring animal movements to enable conservationists initiate response measures in cases where they face any dangers.

 “We have shown the technological capability by successfully livestreaming the endangered African penguin in its natural habitat at the Boulders Beach in Cape Town,” said conservationist and wildlife TV presenter Lauren Arthur.

“The live stream not only gave watchers the chance to experience the unique penguin colony, it also illustrated 5G’s potential as an enabler of environmental conservation.”

Kenya will benefit from the project since its wild animals such as rhinos and elephants, face extinction threats from poachers seeking valuable ivories.

5G technology, Ms Arthur stated, is proving pivotal in allowing conservationists to monitor animal colonies across the African continent. 

“Using a 5G camera, conservation experts may watch animals at every movement and help prevent negative incidents like bee attacks.”

She added:  “In the future, 5G won’t only enrich people’s digital lives, but will also bring real benefits and change to humans, companies, society, and the natural world,”

5G can be especially beneficial in Africa’s goal of achieving a digital economy. 

Areas where 5G tech is expected to play a key role include health, education, mining and the consumer market.

So far, Huawei has invested more than Sh100 million in animal conservation programmes in Kenya over the last decade and a half.