LG unveils AI-powered washing machine in Kenya

Consumer electronics provider LG has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) washing machine in the Kenyan market.

 The AI- powered 2021 Vivace 950 (V950) is the first laundry machine to be launched locally and it will retail at Sh183,000.

 The Vivace 950 (V950), which is a line of AI DD washing machines, is an upgrade of the 2020 V900 model.

 It can detect a cloth weight, a mixed load of t-shirts and pants – different from bedding, delicate and other fabric combinations- as well as detergent, enabling it to customize washing motion, temperature and time for the optimal wash.

  “At the Centre of our mission is to help consumers embrace life and prepare them for its greatest moments,

 “From where I sit, no better washing machine would have delivered this objective better than the LG AI Direct Drive (DD) V950 washer. To us, life’s about more than having the latest technology. It’s about the experiences technology creates,” LG Electronics East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyuong Kim said.

 The launch comes at a time when demand for home appliances have risen in the Country, attributed to the adoption of the work-from-home model due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Besides reducing cycle time, the machine also reduces clothes damage by offering 18 percent more fabric protection. It also uses 39 percent less energy, saving households on electricity bills.

 “We design products that are intuitive, responsive and more eco-friendly, so you as a consumer can spend wisely, be more productive and reduce the impact on the world around you. It is our joy when our home electronics work best for the way you live and keep you updated with the latest technological advances. After all, life’s better when you’re prepared,” he said.

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