Google launches Task Mate in Kenya, a crowdsourcing app for small tasks

You can now earn more from your smartphone, thanks to a Google innovation project that was piloted early last year in Kenya and officially launched on October 19.

The new product, Task Mate, is meant to simplify the crowdsourcing of tasks from organisations and provide additional earning opportunities to users in Kenya, in a pandemic period where earning opportunities have dwindled.

Google said that companies can post small, simple tasks that can be accomplished on a smartphone, and people can get paid to complete them.

“It has become more challenging to find earning opportunities during the Covi-19 pandemic. I’m excited to see how Task Mate can benefit people and businesses in Kenya,” said Agnes Gathaiya, Google’s country director for Eastern Africa.

The tasks can include translating content into local languages or filling out a survey with the company aiming to give those who may have talents that extend outside of formal education and employment opportunities a platform for financial independence.

“It is also for those who wish to supplement their incomes. It will support businesses and organizations that want to get tasks done but do not know where to find quality talent.”

In early 2020, Google piloted the app with a few simple tasks, among them to translate the Alice in Wonderland book into Kenyan languages.

Through Task Mate, 500 taskers started generating translations of the book in five Kenyan languages – Kiswahili, Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Luhya and Maasai, marking the start of an experimental project that continues to this day.

Building on the successful run of the pilot test, Task Mate partnered with PlantVillage to showcase tasks aimed at improving crop health and food security in Africa, as part of its beta launch.

Taskers can participate in an ongoing project on the app to take pictures of specified crop fields across the country, which will then be processed by PlantVillage into insights on farming practices and crop health that will be shared with 14 million farmers in Kenya.

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