Liquid Telecom, formerly known as Kenya Data Networks (KDN), has rebranded changing its name to Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT).

The rebrand represents the firm’s transformation from being a telecommunications and digital services provider to a one-stop-shop technology provider.

The firm says the change of name is mean to reflect the organisation’s expansion of its cloud business, cyber security services, and other technologies added to its existing telecoms and connectivity capability. 

Moreover, it said the move is aimed at underlining Liquid’s new digital-first product offerings, and a new system where employees and customers interact digitally regardless of time or location.

The tech firm aims to expand its managed services offerings to drive and ensure “successful adoption of digital tools to re-imagine customers’ businesses and how they work and connect”.

The firm has a wide digital infrastructure network in Africa covering more than 73,000 kilometres.

Liquid has been on an aggressive expansion into new markets such as Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“We are now excited to be executing our vision of bringing new technological opportunities to the market with a highly differentiated product set supported by our existing infrastructure and digital innovation,” noted Nic Rudnick, Liquid Chief Executive Officer.