Morocco’s Ministry of Energy, Mining, and the Environment and the Ministry in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad (MREs) signed a partnership agreement with the Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) to mobilize Moroccan skills in the field of green technology. 

Aziz Rabbah, the Minister of Energy, chaired the signing ceremony alongside Nezha El Ouafi, the minister delegate in charge of MREs, and Badr Ikken, the General-Director of IRESEN.

The convention aims to mobilize the sharing of expertise and knowledge in renewable energies and optimize its impact on the national economy.

For the signatories, the inclusion of Moroccan skilled experts living abroad is crucial for the success of the program. Their inclusion will enable Moroccan project holders and researchers to benefit from MRE’s proficiency and knowledge.

In order to strengthen their contribution to Morocco’s development projects in the green economy, the program will enable the mobilization of 10,000 skilled experts and 500,000 investors by 2030. 

In his opening speech, Rabbah commended the leadership and proficiency of Moroccan experts living abroad.

“There are many Moroccan brains working with international companies who are ready to be at the service of their country,” said Rabbah.

“From our end, we should find the effective way to benefit from these skills either abroad or inside the country.”

The Minister of Energy, Mining, and the Environment emphasized that the inclusion of the Moroccan diaspora will immensely add to the implementation of programs and strategies.

Their knowledge could be used in collaboration with Moroccan laboratories, centers, and universities to connect with their foreign counterparts specializing in research and development.

Rabbah reiterated Morocco’s commitment to the service of its diaspora. 

The signing ceremony was an opportunity to announce the program’s three main actions. 

This includes the launching of the “GreenCONNECT” database seeking to put Moroccan experts living abroad in touch with the national scientific community. 

The actions also include the establishment of a mentoring program between Moroccan experts abroad and project leaders in the field of green technologies in Morocco including researchers, interns, and doctoral students.

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As part of the actions, a competition to reward Moroccan experts residing abroad was also initiated.

Through videoconference, the event saw the participation of several Moroccan experts residing abroad who have all responded to the call of their country. 

The participants, who are specialized in green technology, made presentations of their tasks within the companies they are affiliated with and also their academic path.