Google is confident that its new strategy to support Kenyan small businesses on various social media tools will be impactful in promoting their products while encouraging feedback from customers.

In its six-pronged strategy, the company has said Google for Small Business Initiative facilitates an online conversation that enhances small and medium enterprises visibility within their localities.

The initiative hopes to assist 15,000 Kenyan businesses go online where each will post its complete profile comprising of its physical address as well as e-contacts.

Google Kenya country director Agnes Gathaiya said the identified businesses will also be trained on book keeping skills thereby enabling them to effectively run their businesses.

“Logistics, taxes as well as market networks are key in today’s business environment. The SMEs, who have also been suffering from disrupted supply chains due to the Covid-19 pandemic can now also search with ease for genuine suppliers of raw materials,” she said.

According to Google’s Economic Recovery Strategy for Kenya businesses, each firm will enjoy a visibility on Google Maps with a new feature added that enables potential customers to trace a nearby business dealing in the wares they are looking for.

Once e-customers visit an online business to buy goods or services, they will then follow the business via its social media handles thereby enjoying bargains and access to various products with ease.

The platform is aimed at building trust among traders and customers, a strategy that could see a rise in e-purchases and e-deliveries.

There is also the option for customers to post pictures of the business on their own social media pages as a way of gratitude for services received.

This would also enable them to patronise the small businesses’ online page to leave a review that new customers will see when searching for various products and services. Referrals as well as tagging friends along and following the small business’ social media could also boots sales.

The ongoing strategy opens a new growth path for small businesses away from their brick-and-mortar establishments into a global realm creating new marketing opportunities.

The online ‘hubs’ also grants the businesses new confidence as buyers will confidently transact with them without fear of losing their cash.

Under the small business initiative, Google established an SME hub aka ‘Google My Business’ where SMEs get assisted at no cost to create the profiles and websites.

“The SME hub will provide businesses with real-time information necessary for them to execute cross-border trades, helping them export products across the world.”