Microsoft platform to enrich employees’ experience

Technology giant, Microsoft has set up a new platform that enables employees obtain news, analytics, and information while interacting with one another across different departments.

The platform, Viva, will leverage on Teams and Microsoft 365 through four modules – Connections, Insights, Learning and Topics.

The platform, Microsoft said, will help combat “pain points” like meeting fatigue and lack of balance between work and life.

The new innovation comes amid rapid changes in the work environment that has seen increased adoption of digital tools as more people work from home.

Due to this, there has been a growing need for solutions that support corporate culture, knowledge discovery, on-the-job learning and employee wellbeing. The transformation of how people work has been accelerated by the break out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 “As the world of work changes, the next horizon of innovation will come from a focus on creativity, engagement and wellbeing, so organisations can build cultures of resilience and ingenuity,” said Jared Spataro, corporate vice president, Microsoft 365.

“Our vision is to deliver a platform for the employee experience that helps organisations create a thriving culture with engaged employees and inspiring leaders.”

The platform is instrumental in helping employees work optimally in hybrid or remote teams, and in the process enhancing an organisation’s performance.

The modules will allow employees access internal communication and company resources such as policies and help individuals ring-fence time for regular breaks, focused work and learning in order to balance productivity and wellbeing.  

The platform also makes training and career development opportunities more discoverable. This module will integrate all the learning resources available to the organisation, including content from LinkedIn Learning.

The platforms also deliver a knowledge discovery experience to help people connect to information and experts across the company.

“Microsoft Viva is a groundbreaking Employee Experience Platform, ushering in a new enterprise software category that focuses entirely on the daily needs of employees at work,” said Josh Bersin, research analyst and expert on employee experience technology.

“Viva will enable companies to integrate their fragmented workplace tools and provide them in the flow of work.”

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