Europe-based firm to build regional data centre in Nairobi

Europe-based IXAfrica is set to build a data centre in Nairobi, which will act as the hub for Africa.

The firm said it has settled on Nairobi as the gateway to the regional expansion targeting partnerships with tech entrepreneurs that are helping to migrate local and regional firms into the digital realm.  

“We are launching a major internet infrastructure project in Nairobi that will provide access to data centre and networks providing on-campus offices and facilities thereby enabling new tech businesses to thrive, ” IXAfrica chairman Guy Willner.

IXAfrica data centres, Mr Willner said are designed to accommodate modern high-load servers and infrastructure for ultra-dense computing. The Nairobi’s ‘Africa Campus’, he added, will ride on the most energy-efficient and engineering solutions largely riding on green technology initiatives.

“Alongside sustainability, data sovereignty is also a major issue across the planet and IXAfrica’s new hyperscale-ready campus will allow companies to fully comply with privacy and localisation laws while providing the fastest, lowest latency access possible to the region’s over 300 million population,” he noted.

Data centre business continues to gain traction in Kenya with banks, telcos, learning institutions as well as governments signing business partnerships to entrench use of cloud services for their business processes.

This allows firms to concentrate on their core business while allowing data centre operators to  man their servers onsite or remotely while ensuring their platforms are not only available round the clock but also secure.

 “We believe our ambitious project will allow both enterprises and government to further harness technology to help create a greener future. Our team members each have twenty years of experience in the data centre industry and this, combined with strong investor support of our many international clients and partners give us grounds to be confident,” Mr Willner said.

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