Medical firm, Medbook Africa is revolutionising healthcare provision in the region with a set of digital solutions.

Through its Med360+, a health management information systems (HMIS), the firm is offering a variety of innovative services that are helping patients access medication in a more convenient way.

 HMIS serves clinics and hospitals, providing with services such as patient tracking and drug management, to lab work as well as billing and finance.

The platform, a joint venture with Strathmore University and I-Lab Africa, currently has more than two million patients, 1, 000 doctors and more than 500 providers across seven countries in Africa.

Oscar Githingi Nganga, Medbook Africa general manager, business development, said the platform greatly increases the efficiency of hospitals and clinics.

“Medbook is an innovative universal health platform that allows you to securely store, access and share your medical records at the touch of a button. More importantly, it offers a better healthcare and insurance plan,” Mr Nganga states.

“With your digitised medical history standardised to a universally accepted format, Medbook plugs you into an extraordinary diverse pool of medical practitioners as well as pairing you with an insurance provider who will meet your precise needs.”

The platform has integrated a mobile app that maintains and tracks personal health data, links doctors to patients as well as provides other personal health management tools.

Mr Nganga says Medbook’s key aim is to “democratise” healthcare in Kenya and beyond. 

Through the platform, he notes, patients can keep tabs on medical records, and share them with practitioners anywhere.

With digital medical data, Mr Nganga says, “Redundant testing is eliminated, proper drugs are administered, and efficiencies between doctors and patients is highly increased”.

The platform has a feature called Flora, which is a sexual reproductive health solution, enabling young women to track their menstrual cycles, ovulation and fertility and provides in-app consultation with doctors, and gynecologists.

Mediclaim, also under HMIS, is an authentication and claims processing health management system “used by underwriters to manage the claims process from identification to payment.”

Mr Nganga vouches for technology to play a key role in Africa’s goal to achieve universal health coverage.

Technology, he notes, “will be one of the major driving force that will push Kenya and Africa firmly into the future of medical provision”.

He says by deploying technology, the integrity of medical records is maintained while allowing doctors and patients to interact remotely. This, he adds saves the patients the cost and inconvenience of travelling for long distance.