Kindite, a provider of data-in-use protection solutions, has announced it has achieved a Co-Sell Ready partner status with Microsoft. Through the co-selling program, Kindite will partner with Microsoft to deliver targeted customer opportunities for IT and data security teams worldwide.

The new achievement will allow the two companies to promote a disruptive and robust solution for protecting the data-in-use market, pushing them one step ahead of the competition in the confidential computing race.

Organizations and enterprises using cloud solutions face growing vulnerabilities when it comes to storing and processing data in the cloud, amd Kindite said its solution allows the separation of encrypted data from its encrypted keys.

Kindite’s solution means compromised data is not exposed, as it is kept in its encrypted form, thus preventing both security and compliance complications, a measure that saw the company win the prestigious Network PG’s 2020 IT World Gold Award.

“Microsoft is an industry leader in cybersecurity and cloud computing, and we are thrilled to make Kindite’s unique offering available for decision-makers anywhere in the world. This will allow more organizations to maintain a higher level of control while keeping code, and subsequently, business operations, intact,” said Maor Cohen, Kindite’s CEO.

The addition of Kindite’s offering to Microsoft’s range of packaged solutions is another step in Microsoft’s efforts to provide easy access to the highest level of data security.

The end goal of effortlessly-consumable security tools for highly-regulated enterprises is closer than ever, as Microsoft partners with Kindite and other vendors to allow minimal code changes in SGX-based confidential computing packages.

Maor Cohen, Kindite’s CEO. PHOTO/ COURTESY

The Microsoft co-sell ready program provides tech startups with vast resources to grow their business in the cloud-environment space.

These include sales training and marketing support from leading company teams, as well as an assigned customer success manager. Backed by Microsoft’s substantial knowledge and reputation, co-sell partners enjoy a wide range of new market opportunities and growth-driving tools.

To be eligible for the program, partners are required to demonstrate impressive business skills and sound technology. They are also expected to prove their ability to generate new leads and customers for Microsoft.


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