Covid-19 has drained Kenyans’ financial resources – BRCK Report

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Kenyan accessible internet provider BRCK has partnered with a number of organizations to publish coronavirus information through its public WiFi network, Moja.

In the process, it has also collected insightful data and analysed it to understand how the crisis is affecting people’s lives on a daily basis.

BRCK aims to inform the public about Covid-19 and best-practice preventive measures, provide relevant contact information, drive behaviour change, collect data to develop an understanding of the impact of the crisis and inform organizations’ responses.

One way this is being achieved is through incentivised content engagement where internet users earn points for engaging with Covid-19 educational material such as videos and surveys.

Using this approach, the company has reached over 120,000 users and recorded over 500,000 interactions with users earning over 2 million Moja Points. 

A survey report by BRCK seen by Afcacia reveals that the virus has drained the cash streams that many Kenyans enjoyed before March 14, making life even more unbearable.

86 percent of those surveyed confirmed to know symptoms of coronavirus and were familiar with ways to prevent the virus infection, have heavily suffered financially.


Out of over 21,000 respondents, 31 percent indicated they can only afford one meal per day. 50 percent of women across all ages did not have enough money to purchase food.

40 percent indicated that they will have to cut spending. 74 percent confirmed to have borrowed money in the past 14 days to meet various needs.

BRCK worked with partners such as GIZ, DFID, Communication Authority of Kenya and Amref. The data was collected between April and May 2020.

Users were rewarded with 1 (one) Moja Point per answer. The data was collected across the Moja Network (fixed sites in 22 towns) and on mobile network in Nairobi.

The Moja platform allows anyone within range to get online by watching videos, taking surveys, completing a piece of micro-work, or other forms of digital engagement through its free WiFi hotspots or in commuter vehicles.