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Future of Work Technology

Google launches Task Mate in Kenya, a crowdsourcing app for small tasks

You can now earn more from your smartphone, thanks to a Google innovation project that was piloted early last year in Kenya and officially launched


Digital device to save farmers millions spent in fighting diseases, pests

A Kenyan-based firm has invented a device that can detect crop diseases and pests at early stages. The solution promises to save farmers millions of

4IR Startups Technology

Youth Centre identified as model facility for tech training

A Youth Innovation Center in Isiolo, Kenya has been identified as a model training facility following its upgrade.  The hub provides training and work opportunities


Kenya’s digital posta now sets sights on East and Southern Africa

Kenya’s startup Taz Technologies, which offers virtual post office boxes seeks to expand the services into the region and South Africa. Taz Technologies, the firm

Op-ed Technology

The state of competition in Africa’s digital economy

By Lerisha Naidu and Angelo Tzarevski Digitisation has ushered in an era of hyper-connectivity, marked by disruptive digital platforms that operate on a global scale.

Op-ed Technology

Omo: Why African innovators are struggling

By John Omo Although Africa has proven its potential as a fast rising home to brilliant innovations, many innovators in the continent are struggling. Opportunities

5G and IoT Technology

Huawei sets aside Sh16bn to nurture youth tech talent

Huawei is set to invest Sh16 billion ($150 million) in digital talent development among the youth in the next five years.  . The initiative known


How mobile phone is transforming into investment vehicle

Kenya’s mobile revolution has mainly focused on cash transfer through M-Pesa in the recent past. This has mainly operated as a payment platform linking buyers


How pandemic is driving faster smartphone adoption in Africa

An increasing number of Africans are entering the digital revolution through smartphones driven by the effects of the pandemic, a research by global provider of

5G and IoT Future of Work Technology

Huawei pledges to prepare Kenyans for the future of work

Technology giant Huawei is promising to prepare Kenya’s workforce for the future of work through rigorous training in the application of emerging technologies to solve


New Microsoft solution to help boost SME operations

Microsoft has rolled out a cloud-based solution to help small and medium-sized businesses integrate their financials, sales, services and operations. Dynamics 365 Business Central is

5G and IoT Technology

Samsung’s plan to create home IoT for Kenyans

Kenyans could soon start enjoying an Internet of Things (IoT) experience if advances being made by Samsung Electronics East Africa continue at the current pace. The

Technology Women in Tech

Flagging hurdles holding back African women in mobile internet adoption

About 112 million more women started using mobile internet for the first time last year across low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).Butthere are still 74 million

Big Data Technology

Millennials spearhead global switch to digital banking

More than 50 percent of millennials globally have moved from traditional physical banking to digital accounts. The switch, a survey reveals, is driven by their

Big Data Cyber Security Technology

Saccos navigate private data minefield in digital switch

The arrival of Covid-19 has disrupted the way we do things in virtually every sector of the economy. Business and companies have had to change


Glovo launches faster delivery service for goods

Spanish delivery app Glovo has launched a new service that cuts delivery time of small quantity products to customers.  The service dubbed, Q-Commerce delivers goods


Vifaa Tech Awards: Samsung bags 5 awards for its super devices

Samsung’s business refocus to match quality and affordability in fast paying off, now bagging five awards at the recently concluded Vifaa Tech Awards hosted by

A illustrated woman is working at home

Asian e-commerce platform QNET to open shop in Kenya

Asian e-commerce platform, QNET plans to launch an outlet in Kenya in the next few months as it seeks to expand its network of independent

Cloud Computing Technology

Liquid Telecom rebrands as it ramps up tech business

Liquid Telecom, formerly known as Kenya Data Networks (KDN), has rebranded changing its name to Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT). The rebrand represents the firm’s transformation from

Future of Work Op-ed Technology

BOURNE: How to create the perfect remote work environment

By Andrew Bourne Traditional work culture expectations are undergoing a paradigm shift, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a recent Consumer Insight Africa study,

Big Data Technology

Pathways International partners with data guru to unlock East Africa’s data market

Pathways International has partnered with Lisbon-based Big Data guru Jose Almeida to deliver an end-to-end approach to the digital transformation challenges in the East African

4IR Startups Technology

Kenyan startup revolutionising rural agriculture

Sub-Saharan African agriculture has a massive footprint, with more than 60% of the continent’s population engaged in smallholder farming, and about 23% of its GDP


IBM unveils world’s first 2 nanometer chip technology

IBM has unveiled a breakthrough in semiconductor design and process with the development of the world’s first chip announced with 2 nanometer (nm) nanosheet technology. Semiconductors play


OBWOGO: Holy cow! I’ve seen a “trend” in my Run Chart (Part 13)

One mistake most people, including policymakers, make is to over-react or under-react to data points on a run chart. What they forget is that repeate


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